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      By the Grace of Nayagi Swamigal and Almighty God we are very glad to release Nayagi Swamigal Keerthans on the World Wide Web. It is not been released for the purpose of business or profit but for the following two reasons or aims it has been prepared with sincere hard working, full satisfaction of the mind and soul and released.

1)   To spread the Name and fame, spiritual and social teachings, and Keerthans of our Nayagi Swamigal among the Non Residential Indians , living abroad.

2)  Our Nayagi Swamigal ambition was to have a Big hall for Bhajan and Meditation in the name and style of RAMANUJA KOODAM and for that purpose swamigal arranged to purchase a land by His family members and that too just opposite to the land selected for his Brindavan, at Kathak Kinaru village nearer to Kadachanendal in Madurai Alagar Koil Road.The land is now under the control of elected administrative committee of Swamigal Brindhavan.At present Mr.T.K.Athmaram and Mr. C.K. Ramesh Babu are serving as President and Secretary respectively. But so far Swamigal's desire was not fulfilled though there are so many devotees and followers of Swamigal. We are in deep faith and confidence that the Swamigal desires can be fulfilled surely by the NRI-s , as well as others, as many people of our community are working at abroad and God has placed them in better status. Our humble request is that those who are looking this content contents from online website or in any way and desire to down load may please be sent their maximum possible donations by cheque or DDs in favour of SRIMAN NATANA GOPALA NAYAGI SWAMIGAL SABHA and send to the following address so as to enable to fulfill the desires of our Swamigal early.

Please visit other link on the web about Ramanuja Koodam work

26, Mahal 6th Street,
Madurai 625001

This appeal request is not only for NRIs but also applicable to others too.

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